Being Market Ready-How Important Is It?

Being Market Ready-How Important Is It? ???????????????????????????????

Listing your home before it is “market ready” is one of the most common mistakes in todays market.

What this insures is that the property down the street that has been staged, is much more marketable and easier to sell than yours.

No home seller wants their home to become a “stale” listing, as the longer it sits on the market, the more difficult it is to sell.

Be prepared and keep these important “pointers” in mind when getting your home, “market ready“.

The main living areas in your home, such as the living/family room, dining area/kitchen and master bedroom are the “focus” for potential buyers, so it is very important that these spaces are “shining” in the buyers eye and looking their absolute best.

It is crucial to maintain a well organized, clutter free, and welcoming space.

Never have so much furniture in a room, that the potential buyer can’t move easily throughout.  This prohibits these buyers from picturing their own pieces in the space and leaves them open to doubt. You don’t want to leave anything to the imagination.  Removing the “guesswork”, will work in your favour.

Symmetry is also very important for the potential buyer. It creates balance and proportion.  If you have a main focal wall for example with a fireplace, ensure the mantle and walls flanking the fireplace have items/artwork that are similar in size and height. This is very pleasing to the eye.

With home staging it is often said that you need to “de-personalize” your space. This is true, as the potential buyer doesn’t want to see who currently lives there, they want to envision themselves in the space. This doesn’t mean it shouldn’t feel “warm” and “welcoming” though. This is a critical aspect in home staging.

Make certain that the colours in each room compliment or work well with each other. This means consistency throughout, with attention to detail.

Maintaining consistency creates “harmony” and entices the buyer in. This is certain to draw their attention to the “features” and “highlights” of the home.

For example, if you are living in an “open concept” home, ensure the living room, kitchen, dining room/dinette, flow easily. They should feel “open” with the furniture arrangement, finishes and colours.  If they do not, this is “jarring” to the eye, and therefore un-appealing to the potential buyer.

Following these easy steps above will create a warm, welcoming home for the potential buyer.  Exactly what you want to portray.

We hope these tips and tricks have helped you with some of your home staging questions. If not, StyleCo Home Staging and Design can help!

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“Tips” for creating the WOW in curb appeal!

Spring has sprung, (ok, maybe summer ) and whether you are staging to “sell” or staging to “dwell”, creating an entrance that stands out and feels welcoming, is important.

 If you are preparing to list your home, it has now become a product, so it is even more critical that the home appeal from the outside, in order to get the potential buyer, inside.


Following are curb appeal “musts” for preparing your home for the market!

Front door-A vibrant or warm coloured front door says “come on in” and signals the potential buyer that there is more where that came from!

Fixtures-Your lighting, door handles, door knocker, doorbell and kick plate if you have one, should all be in the same finishes, whether that is brushed nickel, pewter, bronze, etc.

Paint Colour and Paint Condition-Make certain you don’t have chipping paint anywhere on the home, including the main area, trim, or garage doors, and if you do, re-painting is a good investment.  Also ensure you are choosing a “current” paint colour. StyleCo can help with that!

Colour Works Wonders- If you have a porch or patio, create a lovely seating arrangement with brightly coloured accessories and cushions or with a smaller area, a vibrant flowering plant, will catch the eye and hold the attention of the potential buyer.

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Shannon Campbell of StyleCo Home Staging and Design on Rogers Television-Staging For Spring

Shannon Campbell of StyleCo Home Staging and Design on Rogers Television with “Tips” on Staging for Spring!

Valentine Inspiration!

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.
(And speak from the heart to be heard.)”-
Have you been craving a serene, calm master bedroom, but don’t know where to begin. Well, Valentines Day is a good prompt since it is a romantic occasion. Why not treat yourself!
Often when I go into a property for a home staging or re-design project, what seems to be very common, is that the living room, family room, dining area, kitchen, etc. have all been updated or changed to some extent, but the master bedroom has not. This is the room we sleep in, relax in and spend quality time in. Sleep is crucial to our well being and having a room that we can retire to and turn off the world in, is very important.
Here are some suggestions to get you started.
Try a ”quiet” colour scheme in either pastel hues or soft, warm greys and combine with dramatic choices of furniture and beautiful lighting/accessories. Start by selecting your Wow Factor, the element that you can build your design around. This could be your headboard, a light fixture or a piece of furniture that holds some sentiment for you. If you decide to create a monochromatic colour scheme, implement more than one wow factor to create drama in the space. This upholstered headboard, fabulous chandelier and bench with vintage finish are all good choices and each contribute to the overall design.
Below are more fabulous designs to inspire you!

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Let’s get started!
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Are you lacking a convenient home office or work space with easy storage solutions in your home? 

Often times the challenge is space and convenience. How do we keep the area tidy yet stylish, easily accessible, practical, customized to our own needs and unique all at the same time? 

In our experience, there are just a few things to keep in mind making YOUR space, all of the above!   

If you have a closet at home that is not being utilized to it’s full potential, clear the space through elimination, combining or donating items. 

Have a design plan in mind, with regards to style and colours and stick to it.  Without this, it’s easy to waiver and lose direction, and completing the space takes much longer.

Here are some tips and tricks to get you started. 

  • Add a “shallow” desktop in proportion to the depth of the closet.
  • Keep it as open as possible, so if necessary, storage and garbage bins can be placed underneath, and of course a much needed chair.
  • Try open shelving above the desk for easy access and simplicity. 
  • Add colourful baskets on these shelves for organization.

Following these simple steps keeps the small space “visually” open and airy.

You’re not only re-purposing but you are re-cycling and re-using in a very efficient way. When the space isn’t being used, simply close the doors.

Do you have a spare room in your home, and don’t know how to make the transition into home office? 

Ensure first, that you know how you want the space to function. Once you know this and have a design in mind, the rest is straight forward. 

Try these easy and simple steps for a personalized, unique space.

  • Use storage solutions that are easy on the eye and complimentary to the colour palette you have chosen.
  • Try shelving that you can personalize by hanging as many or as few shelves as you require. If you use open shelving remember to keep it tidy.
  • Hang a corkboard or bulletin board directly over your desk for those important “things to remember” and “to do” lists.  You can make these unique and complimentary to your space by covering with a favourite fabric.
  • Choose a desk that doesn’t necessarily look like a desk. Try an antique farmers table, or create your own.
  • Use wicker or fabric baskets stacked in a corner or beside your desk for easy accessibility.
  • Try portable storage on wheels that can be moved throughout the space. If you can’t find what you want, buy an ottoman with storage and add wheels to it.
  • You can also do this with baskets or bins of your choice.

Have fun with it!  You deserve a lovely workspace and you can create one, all your own!



Home Staging For Christmas!

Colourful Tree

I had a client ask me the other day, since I am listing my home over the holidays, “is it okay to decorate for Christmas”?

My answer to this is a straight forward one. Absolutely! Please keep in mind though, that the idea of home staging is to neutralize, and de-clutter, so if you choose to decorate for the holidays, these principles need to remain.

If you would like to put up a tree, especially if you choose a real one, ensure that all of the needles are cleaned up on a regular basis, and that the tree is in a spot in your home where it doesn’t obstruct pathways and take up a great deal of space, visually. When a potential buyer comes through the door for a viewing, feeling the Christmas cheer and seeing what can be done with the space, can be a fantastic selling feature.


If you have a lovely spiral staircase or banister, decorating it but keeping it to a minimum will allow potential buyers to see this lovely feature and highlight it. Garland, a few baubles and white lights would be a nice addition.


Decorating a mantle is also acceptable, in keeping with the Christmas cheer and as a focal point of a room is a lovely addition that reminds potential buyers of “home” and again what they can do with the space.


In general, decorating for the Holidays when your home is listed, will work as long as the main staging principles are kept in mind, ensuring pathways are clear and the space potential is not compromised.

Decorate away and enjoy the season!

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