Tips For Design Impact!

ImageWhether staging to sell or staging to dwell, furniture, accessory and artwork placement is crucial, to create that all important impact, and a visually appealing,symmetrical space.

Below, we have put together what we feel are 5 terrific “tips” for you to keep in mind and get the desired result.

1. Artwork Placement- Consider hanging mirrors or artwork 24-36 inches above your furniture, basically at eye level.  You should never have to look “up” at artwork, unless doing a gallery or collage wall where there are many pieces working together.

2. Reflective Surfaces– Adding mirrors, and mirrored furniture or accessories will create more light, add reflection, and make a smaller space feel lighter, brighter and larger.

3. Balance/Symmetry –  When placing furniture in a bedroom for example, the bed ideally would be placed on the main wall as you enter the space,centered, with night stands, lamps/ accessories with height, and perhaps a piece of artwork above if space permits. This placement will create balance, symmetry and visual appeal in the room.

4. Window Coverings-  To create an open, airy feeling in your space, hang your curtains directly under the ceiling or just above the window frame. This takes the eye “up“, so your ceiling and windows will appear larger and taller. This is a great “trick” for especially small windows where you want to create the illusion of larger ones.

5. Focal Point-  When walking into a space, having a focal point is always important, whether that might be a fireplace wall, or wall of windows. Adding a large-scale piece of artwork, painting the wall behind the fireplace in a complementary colour or highlighting the windows with glorious coverings, you will add warmth and interest to the room.

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