5 Top Home Staging Mistakes-Part 1



Home staging has become an integral part of marketing real estate and when properly donecan prove to be what sets a house apart from the competition. Following some simple and proven steps to maximize the appeal of a property is the best thing a homeowner can do.

Take heed when your realtor suggests “staging” as they are very aware of the value in this service for marketing your property and selling your home in a timely fashion.

Homeowner Mistakes Part 1

Following are the 5 top mistakes home sellers make when preparing their home for the market.

  1. Removing your personal taste is essential when selling your property. There is a tremendous difference in the way we live and the way we sell, so choosing a warm neutral for your walls is the best case scenario.  Not sure what exactly a warm neutral is? Stay with beiges, taupe and warm greys. To complete the look you have worked so hard on, add complementary accessories that will work with the rest of your décor, maintaining cohesion and flow. This very important step will broaden your potential buyer base which is exactly what you want as a seller.
  2. Natural light is extremely important and blocking it off with heavy curtains or bulky pieces of furniture is never in the seller’s best interest. Removing old outdated window coverings, and any furniture blocking the natural light potential is recommended.
  3. Neglecting the clutter can be a costly mistake. What might seem clean and organized to you, may not appear that way to others. This is a good time to enlist the services of a professional home stager, who has been trained in showcasing a property. A stager will be able to suggest exactly what needs to be removed and what can stay.
  4. If your current furniture pieces are not working because they are outdated and unattractive or too large, there are many options. Borrowing friends’ or relatives’      furniture when available is a viable alternative, or renting furniture items from a professional stager who can stage to scale is suggested. Investing in furniture for the home you are currently selling, is an expense that could potentially backfire as these items may not work in your new home. Often times, it can just be a matter of removing oversized pieces along with some simple re-arranging.
  5. At StyleCo, we do not suggest doing major renovations such as finishing a basement when you are preparing to list. Your money can be put to much better use with smart cosmetic changes avoiding a large initial outlay that you may not see return on investment for. For example by adding a fresh coat of paint on the walls or cabinets, a kitchen backsplash, changing cabinet hardware, replacing old damaged flooring or replacing outdated lighting, can result in a huge bang for your buck.

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3 responses to “5 Top Home Staging Mistakes-Part 1

  1. Great suggestions! And an interesting point about not recommending large renovations. It’s amazing how affordable cosmetic changes can be and what an impact they can have. You suggest updating furniture but how about renting staging furniture?

  2. You’re right; I missed it! Thanks! Do professional stagers usually have their resources for renting furniture or are there places that someone trying to do it DIY could go?

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