What Exactly Is “Home Staging”?

I had a very enlightening conversation on a social media site today with an acquaintance.  She very honestly made a remark on one of StyleCo’s posts, that prompted me to clear up the disconnect and differences between “vacant” home staging, “occupied” home staging and home staging “consultations”. We thank you for the comment, as you have inspired StyleCo to reiterate how unique they are.

In my business, there are various levels and options with “home staging” as outlined on my website. www.styleco.ca

I will explain further some of StyleCo’s opinions and philosophy when it comes to presenting a home for the market.

First and foremost, a staging “consultation” is a very important start and sometimes the “only” home staging element required, depending on budget, how much is truly required and timeline. A home staging consultation allows the homeowner to follow along with the Home Staging recommendations StyleCo makes in order to prepare their home in the best possible light, for the market.

If the homeowner does not have the time or wish to go through the process themselves, StyleCo will complete the home staging for the homeowner, which can include furniture removal, re-arrangement and decluttering or minimizing.  We will work with the homeowners existing accessories, artwork and furniture in these cases to complete the transformation. On occasion, to supplement existing items where necessary, StyleCo will include some rentals.  This is considered “occupied” home staging.

Home Staging is a very valuable service in today’s market and when completed professionally by StyleCo, can make a tremendous difference to time on market and offers over list.  As outlined above, home staging varies drastically from property to property depending on requirements, budget and timeline. It is about working within limitations, presenting a property in the best possible light, no matter its worth, and providing an outcome and product, that shines and produces the desired results!

StyleCo works with clients who are selling starter homes, to clients who are selling million dollar homes, and all, are just as important and valuable to us at StyleCo:-)

We hope this answers any questions and clears up any “grey” areas you may have had, with regards to home staging and home staging options.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments.  We are always happy to hear from you!


Shannon Campbell

StyleCo Home Staging and Design


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