Home Staging Mistakes Part 2


Home staging has become an integral part of marketing real estate and when properly done, can prove to be what sets a house apart from the competition. Following some simple and proven steps to maximize the appeal of a property is the best thing a homeowner can do.

Take heed when your realtor suggests “staging” as they are very aware of the value in this service for marketing your property and selling your home in a timely fashion.

Home Staging Mistakes Part 2

Following are what we consider the next 5 top mistakes home sellers make when preparing their home for the market.

1.Vacate the premises during showings!
It can be very awkward and uncomfortable for buyers to have the seller in the home during showings. The buyer will not feel comfortable in asking questions and may feel rushed if you are there. Make sure to leave the house for all the showings and trust in your realtor! They know how to show a home.
2. Take your pets with you!
It is important when selling, to keep in mind that not everyone loves animals, and some people may be allergic or afraid of them. So take those family members away on a mini adventure during showings, and ensure your home is smelling fresh!
3. The house won’t sell itself!
Enlist the services of a real estate agent, as Real Estate is an extremely competitive market. It is crucial to implement strategies if you want to sell quick and for maximum profit. So de-clutter, de-personalize, clean, make all the small repairs, paint if you have to and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Online photo’s are critical, as research indicates that 90% of buyers start their search on MLS. .
4. Stage to “Sell” not “Dwell”!
There is a huge difference between decorating to dwell and staging to sell. A few well thought out accessories in key places is important in creating a “welcome home” feel for the potential buyer. StyleCo can certainly help you with this!
5. List only when prepared!
It will only set you back if you list your home when not ready for showings. Instead, invest the time and money to prepare your home which is now a product, and beat out the competition.

StyleCo would like to “Thank you” for your ongoing referral’s ! We really appreciate your business and continued faith in us!

Because of you, we have created a “new” and “improved” referral program!

Ask us for more details on how this can work for you!

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