Show Them!

A Very Good Reason To Stage Homes

A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

-Steve Jobs

This quote by Steve Jobs applies perfectly to Home Staging.

We cannot “imagine” what we don’t see.

As Home Stagers our job is to create a warm, inviting space without making it feel too personal, highlighting the homes best features, and showcasing the space potential.  When we do this, we have accomplished the main objective of home staging, which is decreasing time on market, receiving multiple offers and often times, offers over asking. Knowing your target market is a very important element as well.

In todays competitive climate, ensuring a home stands out from it’s comparable listings with home staging, is a crucial part of marketing a property.

This is so important that if you don’t “stage”, you run the risk of losing a high percentage of potential buyers.  With 90% of the population beginning their home search on-line, home staging is an “essential” marketing tool.  Don’t miss this opportunity with your most valuable asset , as the cost to stage is much lower than carrying costs on a property that isn’t selling.

Which space would you be more likely to fall in love with?

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