“Tips” for creating the WOW in curb appeal!

Spring has sprung, (ok, maybe summer ) and whether you are staging to “sell” or staging to “dwell”, creating an entrance that stands out and feels welcoming, is important.

 If you are preparing to list your home, it has now become a product, so it is even more critical that the home appeal from the outside, in order to get the potential buyer, inside.


Following are curb appeal “musts” for preparing your home for the market!

Front door-A vibrant or warm coloured front door says “come on in” and signals the potential buyer that there is more where that came from!

Fixtures-Your lighting, door handles, door knocker, doorbell and kick plate if you have one, should all be in the same finishes, whether that is brushed nickel, pewter, bronze, etc.

Paint Colour and Paint Condition-Make certain you don’t have chipping paint anywhere on the home, including the main area, trim, or garage doors, and if you do, re-painting is a good investment.  Also ensure you are choosing a “current” paint colour. StyleCo can help with that!

Colour Works Wonders- If you have a porch or patio, create a lovely seating arrangement with brightly coloured accessories and cushions or with a smaller area, a vibrant flowering plant, will catch the eye and hold the attention of the potential buyer.

Do you need assistance? Contact StyleCo Home Staging and Design. We can help!

519-404-5913 info@styleco.ca

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