Home Staging For Christmas!

Colourful Tree

I had a client ask me the other day, since I am listing my home over the holidays, “is it okay to decorate for Christmas”?

My answer to this is a straight forward one. Absolutely! Please keep in mind though, that the idea of home staging is to neutralize, and de-clutter, so if you choose to decorate for the holidays, these principles need to remain.

If you would like to put up a tree, especially if you choose a real one, ensure that all of the needles are cleaned up on a regular basis, and that the tree is in a spot in your home where it doesn’t obstruct pathways and take up a great deal of space, visually. When a potential buyer comes through the door for a viewing, feeling the Christmas cheer and seeing what can be done with the space, can be a fantastic selling feature.


If you have a lovely spiral staircase or banister, decorating it but keeping it to a minimum will allow potential buyers to see this lovely feature and highlight it. Garland, a few baubles and white lights would be a nice addition.


Decorating a mantle is also acceptable, in keeping with the Christmas cheer and as a focal point of a room is a lovely addition that reminds potential buyers of “home” and again what they can do with the space.


In general, decorating for the Holidays when your home is listed, will work as long as the main staging principles are kept in mind, ensuring pathways are clear and the space potential is not compromised.

Decorate away and enjoy the season!

Contact StyleCo today for more information, tips and tricks with home staging.


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