Increasing Your Home’s Appeal

The way you live in your home and the way you market a house are two different things. You have to think of your home as a product.

           Barb Schwarz

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Buyers think of homes as “good ones” and “bad ones”.  You want your home to be considered as the former, not the latter.

This is where beating out the competition comes in!  Buyers want as much bang for their buck as they can get.

As a home seller, it’s up to you to provide what the buyer wants and affect your bottom line.

It’s time to get “back to basics”.  If your family room is void of all furniture except a pool table, turn this room back into its intended use.  A “family” room for “living”.  If your dining room is currently being used as an office, and you don’t have another eat-in space in your home, turn it back into its original use. A dining room.

Bringing back the home to its intended space usage generally brings back the attraction.

When staging, we refer to the term “neutralizing” a great deal.  Neutralizing doesn’t mean getting rid of the personality of the home, it just means “defusing” your space, through elimination and organization.

It’s easy! Defuse your decor and increase your homes appeal.


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