From “House Wreck” to “House Beautiful”

I am often asked, “What are the most important things to do to prepare my home for the market”?

While we have discussed many items with regards to staging previously in our newsletters, we are going to “wrap” these up to the top 3 to simplify the process for you!

  1. CLEAN

If you do nothing else in the home, these 3 are critical to receiving positive results on showings. Simply, they make the most difference to buyers.

Remember, it’s all about increasing your potential buyer base, not making the home more comfortable for yourself or your taste.

Creating a home that is spotless, neutral coloured, and de-cluttered to the point where potential buyers can visual their items in the home.

Hit all 3 of these, and you have turned your home into a “winner” for potential buyers, setting yourself up for quick and profitable sale!

Thank you for your interest and ongoing support of StyleCo Home Staging and Design!

We are always interested in your feedback.  Please contact us with any questions you may have!



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