Clever Tips for Living!

Do you find there are just some things in life you find difficult to store and keep organized?

Well here are some easy and clever solutions to make life simpler!

  • Use egg cartons to separate and store your Christmas decorations.
  • Gotcha! Find tiny lost items like earrings by putting a stocking over the vacuum hose.
  • Re-use a wet-wipes container to store plastic bags.
  • Remove crayon masterpieces from your TV or computer screen with WD40 (also works on walls).
  • Rubbing a walnut over scratches in your furniture will disguise dings and scrapes.
  • Overhaul your linen cupboard – store bed linen sets inside one of their own pillowcases and there will be no more hunting through piles for a match.
  • Forever losing your bathroom essentials? Use magnetic strips to store bobby pins, tweezers and clippers behind a vanity door.
  • Look up! Use wire to make a space to store gift wrap rolls against the ceiling in a closet, rather than cluttering up the floor.
  • A muffin pan becomes a craft caddy. Magnets hold the plastic cups down to make them tip-resistant.
  • Bread tags make the perfect-sized cord labels marked with a black sharpie.
  • Brilliant space-saver: install a tension rod to hang your spray bottles under the counter. Genius!

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