Money Saving “Fix Up” Tips – Part IV

In this fourth article in a series of “Money Saving” tips for re-sale, I will talk about the do’s and don’ts of prepairing your home or listing for the market.

You don’t always need to spend as much or more than your neighbors did to upgrade your home and bring it up to the neighborhood norms.

Perhaps your neighbors spent $50,000.00 on improvements, you may be able to cleverly get just as much bang with $15,000.00.

You will need to evaluate each upgrade project thoroughly to determine how much return on your investment you will see.  Often, you can do a minimal amount of work at a small cost and still get as much “show”.

Hiring a home inspector is always a good idea, as this will point out clearly for you, if in doubt, what is broken and what is not.  Hiring them yourself is always alluring to potential buyers, as you can show them the inspection report and what was completed to improve the home.

It is a good idea to research home inspectors before hiring one.  If they have previously worked in the building trades or local governments as building inspectors, this is an asset as they generally have extensive experience.

In summary, quite often, spending very little if you have done your homework, can produce amazing, cost effective results!



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