Money Saving “Fix Up” Tips – Part III

Today’s buyers and agents are very savvy.  They are educated and know exactly what they need and want in a home purchase.

Many agents today will take a buyer to see many comparables, including “fixed” up and “non” fixed up homes.  This clearly demonstrates how much better one comp may look over another.

As a homeowner ready to list, expect buyers to fully know how your home compares with others for sale and recently sold.  If it shows well, it compares well.  As a result, buyers will respond well to it, and the potential for a quick, full offer or better sale, are greatly increased.  If it compares poorly, expect low ball offers.

For example when going through comps, those with an updated kitchen will generally sell in the higher range of the comparables.  Those with an original kitchen, in disrepair, will generally sell in the lower end of the comps.  Quite often, these homes will also take a great deal longer to sell.

Do you want a quick sale at a high price?  Then let the comps speak for themselves.  If many of your neighbors have updated their kitchens, update yours.  This greatly increases your chance of recieving that “top” of the comps offer!

Aim for setting a new “top” in your neighborhood!




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