Money Saving “Fix Up” Tips – Part I

Fixing a house implies that it is “broken”.  You don’t want to fix something that isn’t broken.  Most homes that are more than a few years old, and occasionally even brand new homes, have some things that are in poor repair.  These items should be fixed prior to listing your home.

“Fixing” means repairing something that is in dis-repair.  “Staging” means preparing the home for sale so that it looks its best.

The difference is between repairing a broken faucet or adding a colourful soap dish, between putting in a new sink and cleaning up all dishes in an existing sink.

If there are items in your home that need repair, and you don’t do the work, then your home will take longer to sell and very likey will command a lower price.  Failing to fix something that is broken, should not be an option.

So, what constitutes a “fixer upper” or a “handyman special”?  For example, a home that is a true fixer, is a home that has a serious problem, such as a cracked foundation, leaking roof or structural damage. A handyman special, is a home that requires new paint, carpet cleaning, or repairs to flooring.

Regardless of which it is, the seller of the home always loses, if these items are not corrected. If a potential buyer sees anything wrong at all, they view the home as a fixer, and feel that it warrants a “low ball” offer.

In summary, as a seller, it only makes sense to correct everything that is in dis-repair, no matter how small, to increase your bottom line and avoid stress!

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