Does Borrowing Money To Prepare Your Home For The Market, Make Sense?

Does your home require work in order to prepare it for the market, and you don’t know where you are going to get the money from to complete this work?

A great deal of people don’t like to borrow, simply because the money has to be paid back including interest.

Some sellers see borrowing to do fix up and staging as wasting their hard earned cash.  After all, if your home requires “fixing up”, are you not just throwing your money away when listing?

Not so.

The idea of fixing up and staging your home in preparation for the market, is to receive top dollar and a quick sale.  If you are doing the work in the correct way, you will get back all of the money invested and quite often, more.  That is the whole point, right?

Then when you sell, you convert that equity to cash.  When the home closes, you get back your original investment, as well as the increased equity from the staging and repairs.

In summary, you borrow for the short term, at all time low interest rates, and when the property closes, you get your money back and quite possibly, more.

It’s a win win situation and one well worth considering when preparing your home for the market.

A showcase home, will always beat out the competition.




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