Cost Variables In Home Staging

When people ask me, “HOW MUCH DOES STAGING COST?”, I answer that with a series of questions based on my required criteria. There can be a number of variables and following are some of the things to take into consideration.

  • What is the square footage of the house?

  • Is the property vacant?
  • Are furniture rentals needed?

  • Are accessories and artwork rentals required?

  • Is it just a matter of re-arranging some furniture and de-cluttering?

  • Are you willing to complete any of the work yourself or do you want the project fully staged for you?

  • How quickly do you require these services?

  • Do you have your own contractors if required, or can I assist you with that process?

Once these questions are answered, and I have completed a walk through of the entire property, I am better equipped to provide the homeowner or realtor with a comprehensive quote for services required and a timeline for project completion.

StyleCo is always happy to work within the clients budget, to achieve the best possible results for a quick, profitable sale.

For an initial small investment, turn time into money!

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