Complete Home Staging Or Home Staging Consultation?

For the homeowner, it is very beneficial to bring in a professional home stager with an objective outlook and un-biased opinion, to clarify what needs to be done and make recommendations to prepare the home for the market. It doesn’t always have to mean a complete home stage.  Perhaps the recommendations will be enough which generally include de-cluttering, neutralizing and a deep clean. There are homes though that do require a complete stage. For example a vacant property. This way, it shows beautifully and appeals to a broad range of buyers!

Part of our job as home stagers is to set the sellers mind at ease, explain the benefits and the process of home staging so homeowners understand what home staging can do for them.

Many homeowners don’t know where to begin and don’t want to deal with what is essential to prepare their home for the market. Emotions are high, memories take over and the transition to sell, all affect what transpires between agent and homeowner when the decision to list, has been made.

Building equity by investing in a staging consultation, makes the world of difference to the realtor and homeowner’s bottom line.

No two homes or homeowners are alike, so let StyleCo step in and make the process of selling, effortless.

Make the decision to invest in a home consultation initially, and the payoff will be worth thousands!

Don’t wait!

The market is on an upswing. There is no time like the present.

Call StyleCo now for your in-depth consultation, including recommendations for making your home or listing marketable, for a quick and financially beneficial sale.


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