Is the “Condition” of Your Home Important When Listing?

Curb Appeal or Visual Value Means: Fix Everything that Requires Fixing!

Is your home “well-worn”, or appearing very “lived in”?

Prior to listing, correct any of the homes issues, both on the exterior and interior and you are ready to go !

To make curb appeal or visual value improvements, some time and money is required but overall, this benefits the homeowner and agent as follows:

  • Receiving multiple offers and quite often getting a higher price for your property or listing.
  • A much quicker sale.

A quicker sale, with less time on the market, means money in everyone’s pocket!

Who wouldn’t want that?

The cost of these improvements, does not equate with value either!

For example, an initial investment of $1000.00 for repairs and improvements to the home can mean thousands of dollars more in your pocket!

Following are things the homeowner needs to do before listing a property for sale:

  1. Refresh the rooms that require it with a fresh coat of paint.
  2. Install a new front door, replace the old window in it, or simply paint it if needed.
  3. Do some landscaping such as planting new shrubs, or placing flower pots at the entrance.
  4. Steam clean the carpets throughout or replace well-worn, stained carpets.
  5. Make repairs or improvements to your kitchen and bathrooms. (Very important rooms for re-sale)
  6. Fix anything that is broken.
  7. Do a deep clean of absolutely everything.
  8. Put away anything that blocks the flow of traffic.
  9. De-clutter/Organize

Never Sell “as is”!

This is a target for a buyer to low ball the seller, when improvements could have been made for a fraction of the decreased offer.

Don’t know where to start or who to call?  Contact StyleCo and we can put you in touch with reliable contractors.

Once you have completed these improvements, you are now ready for “StyleCo” to prepare the property for the market by making it stand out from the competition and shine!

Contact us at 519-404-5913 or

Take care, and remember, for an initial small investment, the rewards to you are numerous!

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