Why Stage A Vacant Property?

Whether you are a real estate investor, realtor or homeowner trying to sell a vacant home, the property requires appeal, and the way to achieve this appeal, is with Home Staging!

Disadvantages of a Vacant Home

When listing a vacant property, keep in mind people don’t buy houses they buy homes!

Following are various obstacles of a vacant house, as seen through the buyers eyes:

  • It is difficult for the buyer to envision the size of the room when there is no furniture present.
  • It is difficult to picture their own furniture in an empty space and when this is in question, the outcome is generally not an offer.
  • When a room is empty, the flaws in architecture or the state of the home, are more apparent. (eg: carpet that is in dis-repair, placement of a light switch, drywall and molding imperfections)
  • Questions start to arise when a house is empty and buyers will switch focus from the house itself to why it is listed. (eg: divorce, money problems). With this in mind, buyers may think they can put in a low ball offer. This is not the picture you want to portray.

Advantages to Staging a Vacant Home

  • As home stagers, we work to show off the homes best features, taking the focus off of the flaws.
  • We create an emotional connection for the buyer which generally leads to an offer.
  • With a small investment in rental furniture and accessories for your listing or property, you add warmth and character, making the house much more appealing to a prospective buyer.
  • You are creating a feeling of home!
  • Ultimately, you are increasing your bottom line and exceeding your expectations for offers!

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