What Are The Benefits of Home Staging?

Benefits of Home Staging

We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about our services. For further information on available packages, and before and afters, please visit our website at http://www.styleco.ca.

We are a full service home staging and design company, who will assist you or fully complete the task, of preparing your house for the market. This will allow your home to appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers. Home staging increases the chance of a sale while also increasing the value of your investment.

Benefits Include:

  • Seeing return on your investment
  • Relieving family stress
  • Increasing your range of potential buyers
  • Simplifying your life
  • Eliminating the possibility of two mortgage payments

Why Should “You” The Homeowner, Hire a Home Stager?

As home stager’s, we know what’s needed to create the right environment quickly and at the lowest cost.

We are aware of the market as a whole, and we know what sells. We will give you the homeowners, suggestions that will increase the potential for a sale and your bottom line.

As home stager’s, we are not emotionally attached to any of the home’s contents, which means we can see the home in a way that someone who has been living there for years, perhaps cannot. Using our fresh vision, we will make recommendations for optimal furniture placement, art and accessories.

When required, StyleCo can suggest new paint colors, flooring, tiles, countertops, exterior work or any number of finishes. We have a list of preferred vendors, including painters, cleaners, handymen, landscape artists, flooring specialists and off-site storage, along with many other services that may be needed on short notice and will provide their services at discounted rates.

We can bring in replacement furniture, accessories and art if required, when the existing items are not appropriate for the home’s target market or the property is vacant.

Home staging is not just for higher end homes. Condominiums, town homes, or smaller single detached homes, can be greatly affected by home staging. It can have a dramatic effect on the selling price and the number of days spent on the market.

In these challenging economic times, you need to stand apart from the crowd.

Do it, with a well staged home!

As home stagers, we will always work with your budget, pay attention to detail and accomplish what is necessary in a timely, cost effective manner.

We know what is required to sell a home, and will provide an un-biased, objective outlook, always keeping in mind your largest asset and investment, as well as your best interests!

Your home will move quicker, with much less effort on your part and an increased bottom line, when you have it professionally staged.

Home staging sells a previously un-sellable house.

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