Not All Home Stagers Are Created Equal!

Are you concerned about Home Staging Costs?

Using a Home Stager’s services does not mean the costs need to be exorbitant!

Choose a home stager that provides a “full consultation” along with very detailed expectations, providing you with options. This way, you can either complete the recommendations yourself, or have the stager work with you or complete the home staging process for you.

The home stager should have a “passion” for what they do and provide the best possible results, always working within the budget constraints.

A Home Staging project, does not need to cost thousands and will always be worth the investment, if done properly!

What to Look for when Choosing the “Right” Stager

All Home Stagers are “Not” Created Equal!

At present, there is no Independent National Organization that certifies or licenses home stagers. Following are some tips on how to select a home stager that will assist you in selling your home or listing.

Professionalism – Ensure a stager maintains the highest level of professionalism, taking into consideration, manners, verbal skills and personal presentation.

Experience – A stager must have “real world” experience. Ensure that they have actually staged homes, whether it is 5 or 50, they need to understand the process and be able to provide valuable recommendations and suggestions in order to increase the possibility of selling a home.

Portfolio – Ask to see the home stager’s portfolio. They should be able to provide either a “hard copy” or have their before and afters on their website. If they cannot provide this, in all likelihood, they have never completed a home staging job, have not done a good job, or are extremely poor at marketing themselves. All photos in a stager’s portfolio should always be of their own work.

Furniture – Ask the home stager if they have their own inventory of furniture and accessories, and if not, who do they rent from, and do they rent furniture appropriate to the style of the home and architectural features. This is extremely important, so the home does not look like every other one on the market.

References – Ask for reference names, e-mail addresses or phone numbers, and contact them. Ask them if they would hire this home stager again?

Liability Insurance – Before hiring a home stager, ensure they have liability insurance, and will provide proof of this. If the stager is not insured, the homeowner may be responsible for any damages or injuries that may occur during the staging process.

Contract – The home stager must provide a contract/agreement for the work to be completed. Ensure you understand it completely, and if something is not included in writing that was discussed, ask for clarification. Check payment details. Most home stagers require the consultation fee up front, with the remainder of the home staging costs due upon completion of the project. Make certain this is outlined, so there are no “surprises”.

Approachable – Do you feel you can ask the stager anything pertaining to the home staging process? Do you have a good feeling and first impression from the stager? Are they organized? Do they listen to your requests? Do they take photo’s, notes? Are they on time for your meeting? You should always expect to be treated professionally, with courtesy and respect by the stager.

You Get What You Pay For! – Always look for the home stager with the greatest competency, experience and professionalism, rather than the “lowest” price.

Shannon Campbell

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