Home Staging Mistakes Part 2


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Home staging has become an integral part of marketing real estate and when properly done, can prove to be what sets a house apart from the competition. Following some simple and proven steps to maximize the appeal of a property is the best thing a homeowner can do.

Take heed when your realtor suggests “staging” as they are very aware of the value in this service for marketing your property and selling your home in a timely fashion.

Home Staging Mistakes Part 2

Following are what we consider the next 5 top mistakes home sellers make when preparing their home for the market.

1.Vacate the premises during showings!
It can be very awkward and uncomfortable for buyers to have the seller in the home during showings. The buyer will not feel comfortable in asking questions and may feel rushed if you are there. Make sure to leave the house for all the showings and trust in your realtor! They know how to show a home.
2. Take your pets with you!
It is important when selling, to keep in mind that not everyone loves animals, and some people may be allergic or afraid of them. So take those family members away on a mini adventure during showings, and ensure your home is smelling fresh!
3. The house won’t sell itself!
Enlist the services of a real estate agent, as Real Estate is an extremely competitive market. It is crucial to implement strategies if you want to sell quick and for maximum profit. So de-clutter, de-personalize, clean, make all the small repairs, paint if you have to and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Online photo’s are critical, as research indicates that 90% of buyers start their search on MLS. .
4. Stage to “Sell” not “Dwell”!
There is a huge difference between decorating to dwell and staging to sell. A few well thought out accessories in key places is important in creating a “welcome home” feel for the potential buyer. StyleCo can certainly help you with this!
5. List only when prepared!
It will only set you back if you list your home when not ready for showings. Instead, invest the time and money to prepare your home which is now a product, and beat out the competition.

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5 Top Home Staging Mistakes-Part 1

       Celebrating 5 years in business


Home staging has become an integral part of marketing real estate and when properly donecan prove to be what sets a house apart from the competition. Following some simple and proven steps to maximize the appeal of a property is the best thing a homeowner can do.

Take heed when your realtor suggests “staging” as they are very aware of the value in this service for marketing your property and selling your home in a timely fashion.

Homeowner Mistakes Part 1

Following are the 5 top mistakes home sellers make when preparing their home for the market.

  1. Removing your personal taste is essential when selling your property. There is a tremendous difference in the way we live and the way we sell, so choosing a warm neutral for your walls is the best case scenario.  Not sure what exactly a warm neutral is? Stay with beiges, taupe’s and warm greys. To complete the look you have worked so hard on, add complimentary accessories that will work with the rest of your décor, maintaining cohesion and flow. This very important step will broaden your potential buyer base which is exactly what you want as a seller.
  2. Natural light is extremely important and blocking it off with heavy curtains or bulky pieces of furniture is never in the sellers best interest. Removing old outdated window coverings, and any furniture blocking the natural light potential is recommended.
  3. Neglecting the clutter can be a costly mistake. What might seem like      clean and organized to you, may not appear that way to others. This is a good time to enlist the services of a professional home stager, who has been trained in showcasing a property. A stager will be able to suggest exactly what needs to be removed and what can stay.
  4. If your current furniture pieces are not      working because they’re outdated and unattractive or too large, there are many options. Borrowing friends’ or relatives’      furniture when available is a viable alternative, or renting furniture items from a professional stager who can stage to scale is suggested. Investing in furniture for the home you are currently selling, is an expense that could potentially back fire as these items may not work in your new home. Often times it can just be a matter of removing oversized pieces and some simple re-arranging.
  5. At StyleCo, we do not suggest doing major renovations such as finishing a basement when you are preparing to list. Your money can be put to much better use with smart cosmetic changes avoiding a large initial outlay that you may not see return on investment for. For example by adding a fresh coat of paint on the walls or cabinets, a kitchen backsplash, changing cabinet hardware, replacing old damaged flooring or replacing outdated lighting, can result in a huge bang for your buck.

Tips For Design Impact!

ImageWhether staging to sell or staging to dwell, furniture, accessory and artwork placement is crucial, to create that all important impact, and a visually appealing,symmetrical space.

Below, we have put together what we feel are 5 terrific “tips” for you to keep in mind and get the desired result.

1. Artwork Placement- Consider hanging mirrors or artwork 24-36 inches above your furniture, basically at eye level.  You should never have to look “up” at artwork, unless doing a gallery or collage wall where there are many pieces working together.

2. Reflective Surfaces– Adding mirrors, and mirrored furniture or accessories will create more light, add reflection, and make a smaller space feel lighter, brighter and larger.

3. Balance/Symmetry –  When placing furniture in a bedroom for example, the bed ideally would be placed on the main wall as you enter the space,centered, with night stands, lamps/ accessories with height, and perhaps a piece of artwork above if space permits. This placement will create balance, symmetry and visual appeal in the room.

4. Window Coverings-  To create an open, airy feeling in your space, hang your curtains directly under the ceiling or just above the window frame. This takes the eye “up“, so your ceiling and windows will appear larger and taller. This is a great “trick” for especially small windows where you want to create the illusion of larger ones.

5. Focal Point-  When walking into a space, having a focal point is always important, whether that might be a fireplace wall, or wall of windows. Adding a large-scale piece of artwork, painting the wall behind the fireplace in a complementary colour or highlighting the windows with glorious coverings, you will add warmth and interest to the room.

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Show Them!

A Very Good Reason To Stage Homes

A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

-Steve Jobs

This quote by Steve Jobs applies perfectly to Home Staging.

We cannot “imagine” what we don’t see.

As Home Stagers our job is to create a warm, inviting space without making it feel too personal, highlighting the homes best features, and showcasing the space potential.  When we do this, we have accomplished the main objective of home staging, which is decreasing time on market, receiving multiple offers and often times, offers over asking. Knowing your target market is a very important element as well.

In todays competitive climate, ensuring a home stands out from it’s comparable listings with home staging, is a crucial part of marketing a property.

This is so important that if you don’t “stage”, you run the risk of losing a high percentage of potential buyers.  With 90% of the population beginning their home search on-line, home staging is an “essential” marketing tool.  Don’t miss this opportunity with your most valuable asset , as the cost to stage is much lower than carrying costs on a property that isn’t selling.

Which space would you be more likely to fall in love with?

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Home Staging Makes The Difference

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At StyleCo Home Staging and Design we experience time and again the positive results of home staging with consultations, occupied and vacant home staging.

After Erbsville Sandbanks 035 2

Just 1 example is this property in Waterloo, which had been sitting on the market for just under 90 days prior to StyleCo Home Staging and Design staging it. Once staged, it SOLD in only 13 days.

Those carrying costs for 90 days far outweighed the cost to stage and could have been prevented if it was Staged as soon as it was listed.

The longer a property goes without selling, the tougher it is to move.

Save yourself the trouble, frustration and money and get it staged by StyleCo from the start. 

It is very important to note that home staging is a profession, therefore the project must be catered and completed by someone who understands what it takes to market a property for selling.

Developing business relationships with people who want the same outcome is also very important.

At StyleCo Home Staging and Design, we are fortunate to have partnered with fantastic people working towards the same and very important goal.  Sell that House!

We are very happy and proud to mention that our current average days on market is 21 with consultations, occupied and vacant staging. 

Also, did you know that StyleCo Home Staging and Design, provides re-design and decorating services? 

A consultation is a good first step.

Because we have partnerships with many sub contractors, trades, manufacturers and retail outlets, we can implement or simply recommend colour choices for walls, furniture, artwork and accessory selection and placement, window coverings, flooring and all finishing selections.

As trained professionals, we are here to help whether you are staging to “sell” or staging to “dwell”!

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